#065 - Hospitality Meets Catrina Pengelley - The Nerdy Hotelier


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This week we got some time with rising superstar and all round bundle of energy Catrina Pengelley, Founder of the Nerdy Hotelier (https://thenerdyhotelier.weebly.com).

Like a lot of people in the hospitality industry, 2020 saw Cat lose her job in sales but rather than getting all down beat about that, she dusted herself off and got on with it, founding the Nerdy Hotelier Blog and generally making a positive nuisance of herself.

In our chat, we get through loads, including The glory of a podcast, podcast networking, early academia, Vancouver, working the line, finding your passion, Canada’s Historic hotels, high level job interview techniques, re-enacting Deadpool scenes, moving to the Rockies, very cool winters, drinking vodka up a mountain, the wildlife of Canada, moving to Europe, being organised, the northern lights, moving the cat, London Not London, the beauty of Danesfield House, redundancy as opportunity, grabbing the bull by the horns, the Nerdy Hotelier, The redundancy support roadmap, the Christmas Special podcast and THAT Intro, sending bags to the wrong room and so much more.

Cat has a cracking story so far and she tells it with such passion and joy.


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