#063 - Hospitality Meets Ed Walker - The Social Enterprise Founder


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What better time to start a business than in a pandemic right? Well, todays guest has started not one, but two wonderful enterprises. As Phil puts it early on "You're clearly a glutton for punishment".

We got some time with the wonderful human being that is Ed Walker, Founder of Fika Catering (https://fikacatering.com) and Bloom Coffee (https://bloom-coffee.org), two wonderfully and mutually beneficial enterprises.

We get through loads including starting businesses in a pandemic, change please, coffee, leadership, GNVQ, potato rumblers, regal MDs, The Ned, birthday initiations, stretching your budget, learning to get creative, climbing the ranks, making mistakes, blagging your way through life, mutual respect, The Fika way, rats on chefs desk, service of others and of course Ed's excellent

It's clear that Ed places ethics at the heart of everything he does and is creating something which we think sounds superb and we wish him huge success.


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