#062 - Hospitality Meets Peter Avis - The High Profile Restaurant General Manager


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What I love about chatting to such a variety of people from Hospitality is one, exactly that, the variety of stories is incredible but two, sometimes I get to stumble on such a wonderful human story that it makes me feel incredibly lucky.

Enter, Peter Avis the General Manager at the quite wonderful Galvin at Windows on London's Park Lane (https://galvinrestaurants.com/restaurant/galvin-at-windows-mayfair).

Peter talks as openly on his struggles as he does on his successes and as a result, it's a wonderfully honest and vulnerable chat.

In addition, we get through loads including Humble beginnings, huddling around a phone box, the natural hospitality of Liverpool, Bread (The TV show), heading to Miami, getting your start, the importance of others believing in you, the boldness of youth, the importance of exceptional leadership, staff food, surrounding yourself with great people, dyslexia, building people up, marrying brand with culture, Virgin, Richard Branson, The roof gardens, Visiting the Virgin Galactic Spaceport, the tumbling of the pillars, following Fred Sirieix, doing more with less, the Diversity of opportunity in hospitality and Peter's wonderful journey.

It really is a cracker.


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