#061 - Hospitality Meets Claire Bosi - The Trade Publication Editor & Campaigner


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What a corker we've got for you this week.

We got time (somehow) with the incredibly busy and rather awe inspiring Chef & Restaurant Magazine (https://chefpublishing.com/) Editor, Claire Bosi. Claire is also the driving force behind the wonderful and necessary #seatatthetable campaign to try and ensure we have a minister for hospitality going forward (https://www.seatatthetable.org.uk/).

This is action packed from the word go covering off nuggets such as Boris’s roadmap, creating the best publication there is, launching a magazine in March 2020, keeping morale up, uninspiring starts, The Merchant House, grabbing the bull by the horns, starting from scratch, husband and wife teams, the tale of the wonky chair, Ludlow food scene, Michelin Stars, worth a detour, 2 v 3 star, Michelin Secret agents, ghost writing, Chef & Restaurant Magazine, campaigning, Running like Forest Gump, #seatatthetable, petitions, the amazing Angela Hartnett, what is a substantial meal, forgetting the Michelin inspectors order and so much more.

Claire is a natural story teller and she tells her story with such passion and energy, it really is a cracker


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Seat at the Table

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