#060 - Hospitality Meets Natalia Ribbe - The Game Changing Community Founder


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In honour of the fact that next week is International Women's Day we got some time with awe inspiring woman that is Natalia Ribbe, Founder of Ladies of Restaurants (https://www.ladiesofrestaurants.com) and Barletta in Margate (https://barletta.co.uk).

It's an all action chat and we get through lockdown baking habits, dinner parties, wine pairings, The performance that is service, Staring at Leonardo Di Caprio, early misadventures, dealing with bullying, How small the world is, going freelance, teaching tea to the British, the start of Ladies of Restaurants, winning best dish at Taste of London, Joan of Baltimore, Growth, going global, helping women, setting up in Margate, places that used to be "less gentrified", community, writing a book of stories and of course Natalia's awesome journey.

The work that Natalia is doing around Ladies of Restaurants is phenomenal and I am super delighted to support this amazing community in any way that I can.

Natalia is also responsible for our favourite guest photo so far.

Thanks for joining us Natalia!


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