Freeway (1996)


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This week, in honor of trick baby Trace's birthday, we're delving into Matthew Bright's Freeway (1996), a "white trash" exploitation/rape revenge/little red riding hood genre mash-up starring a very foul mouthed Reese Witherspoon and predatory perv Kiefer Sutherland. Content warning: pedophilia, sexual assault, suicide and racism.

We discuss the stacked cast, the line between satire, parody and offensive humor, and the film's surprisingly smart class critique. Plus: Trace's favorite lines, Joe's difficulty divorcing the film from recent events and Brooke Shields' earrings! This is basically "genre whiplash, the movie" - it's A LOT and it's amazing.

Reference: Roberts, Kimberley. "Pleasures and Problems of the “Angry Girl” in Sugar, Spice and Everything Nice: Cinemas of Girlhood (Edited Collection)

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