The Voice, the Naysayer, and the Doomed


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When Ahab recruits King Jehoshaphat for his campaign against the Arameans, the pre-battle conference with the prophets gets…interesting.

Text: 1 Kings 21 & 22


  • Yahweh
  • King Ahab
  • King Jehoshaphat
  • Micaiah

What's Spooky:

  • A stoned corpse
  • Death by arrow puncture
  • Dogs licking up human blood


Winds of Change | Four Trees
Stay With Me | Dexter Britatin
I Am Not A Tyrant | Ryan Taubert
Young Dreams | Luke Atencio
Needles | Jo Blankenburg
House of Dalmore | Jo Blankenburg
Catharsis | Jo Blankenburg
King's Feast | Wicked Cinema
From the North | Wicked Cinema
Play the Ponies | Jo Blankenburg
Time Is Running Out | Alistair Sung
Enigma | Duomo
Tranquility Returns | Alistair Sung
Union | Tolo
Fine-Toothed Chrome | Sam Barsh

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