Holler 37 - June 2020 (Fiery dub, that FDM dancehall ting, grime, Dembow riddims & funky...)


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June's effort from us on Dublin Digital Radio! The usual mixed bag with finds from all over and an extra emphasis on selections inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement taking place across the world. Stand out tracks include that live excursion from HHY and The Macumbas released recently on Nyege Nyege, God Know’s blistering Who's Asking from February (or seven zillion years ago…), Nídia’s fiery drum work out on Príncipe and Shanique Marie’s Ring Di Alarm on Equiknoxx. That poem about the direct action against the Edward Colston statue towards the start is by Bristol poet Vanessa Kissule, give her a follow! Tracklisting: Klein - Claim it (ijn inc) Vanessa Kissule - Rust in shame, Eddie OBF - The Hills Feat Nazamba Featuring Linval Thompson (O.B.F. Records) Digid - Righteous Dub (Mindstep Music ) HHY and The Macumbas - Wilderness Of Glass Version (Nyege Nyege) Black Star Liner -Killah Connection (EXP Recordings) Gan Gah - Sawt Al Mashrq (Low Up) Moor Mother - The Myth Hold Weight (Don Giovanni) Bonaventure - Supremacy (Purple Tape Pedigree) Parris - Skeletal (Ancient Monarchy) rRoyxmore - Passages (Don’t Be Afraid) Bonaventure - Diaspora (Purple Tape Pedigree) Kellen303 - Planet X (Keysound) Yao Bobby & Simon Grab - Diamonds (Lavalava) Fox (feat. Trigga, Zed Bias & Snow) - Imagine (Swing Ting) Cooly G - Nocturnal (Hyperdub) Scratcha DVA - Kong (Deeped It Mix) (DRMTRK) Shanique Marie - Gavsborg - Ring the Alarm for dinner my little parrot (Equiknoxx Musiq) Shanique Marie - Ring the Alarm! (Equiknoxx Musiq) Yokai - Revelation (Bandcamp) Kelman Duran feat. DJ NA - 6's (Apocalipsis) Uninamise - Rise Of The Wolves (Night Slugs) Offica (feat. Fizzler) - Skiddibop Zeki 808 - Present (Ilian Tape) Boofy - Dead Stylus (Innamind Recordings) ANZ - Clanger (Chow Down) Last Japan (feat. AJ Tracey) - Ascend (Coyote Records) Novelist - Street Politician (dub) DJ Spooky - Jah Dub (VP Records) God Knows - Who's Asking (Fly High Society) Loraine Jomes - London Ting / Dark As Fuck (Hyperdub) 9TRANE - Warming (Southpoint: Introducing) Nídia - Hard (Príncipe) Foreignerrrrr - Touch Ground (Intlblk) Jowaa - Bakazobaa (Bandcamp)

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