Holler 36 - May 2020 (Ambient, psycho-samba, warehouse breaks, rowdy subs & chipmonk vocals...! )


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Some highlights this month include opening up with one by Elll called Flourishing Arts off a recent quarantine themed All City release - before moving on to the bitter-sweet pads of Pessimist operating under his Soft Boi alias on the Climate of Fear label. Dying for that release to come out! Some just how we like it rolling dancehall from Kouslin on Livity Sound. That one’s called The Beast of Bolsover - no doubt a nod to the fiercely witty Denis Skinner, a former UK Labour MP and staunch republican known for heckling during the Queen's speech. There’s a track called Horse Mouth by East Man & Walton, making fresh use of that famous speech from the 1980 classic Babylon, and a rake of bangers from the superb Frass FM comps off Astral Black. Things get proper rowdy with Someone 2 (Vocal Mix) by Killjoy off Joyride Sound. Let us know if you locked in and catch ye next time. Tracklisting: Flourishing Arts - Ellll (All City) Fais Moi La Guerre (Feat. Nastychong) - Soft Boi (Climate Of Fear) The Beast Of Bolsover - Kouslin (Livity Sound) Portra (Hybrid Remix) - Baby T (Samurai Music) O Vento Chama Seu Nome - Ninos Du Brasil (Hospital Productions) Hex - Gil Melle (Taken From The Andromeda Strain Ost - Kapp Records) Squelch - Walton (Kaizen) Curved - Batu & Lurka (Fringe White) Spidertalk - Lamont (Swamp81) Concrete - Lamont (Swamp81) Instinct - Dj Milktray (Astral Black) Whirl - Jossy Mitsu (Astral Black) Power Venom - Inkke (Astral Black) Cardinals - Strict Face (Astral Black) Horse Mouth - East Man & Walton (Hi Tek Sounds) Shimmer - Kahn & Neek (Sector 7 Sounds) Feelings - Denham Audio (Club Glow) Someone 2 (Vocal Mix) - Killjoy (Joyride Sound) Popcaan - Family - Champion Sound Dub Wicked Man - Mainphase (Warehouse Rave) Badboy (Jg Remix) - Spooky Bizzle The Power - Lmajor (Wncl Recordings) Run Dem (Famous Eno Remix) - Dj Mellow & Magugu (Lowup Records) One Eye - Martyn (3024) Eyes Closed - Hooverian Blur (Sneaker Social Club) Sbwys - Walton (Tectonic) Lord Of The Null Lines (Acen Remix) - Hyper On Experience (Kniteforce Records) Inner City Life 2k14 - Slugabed (Astral Black) Second Passes - Bruised Skies & Thugwidow (Astral Black) Pixel Haze - Ital Tek (Planet Mu) Patterning - Om Unit (Submerged) Turbo Island - Hyroglifics (Hooversound Recordings)

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