Trip Report: Exploring Switzerland by car


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My special guest in this episode is Nansi Martin from New Jersey in the United States, who, along with her husband Rob, rented a car and did a road trip around Switzerland in September 2021. They loved the freedom that having a car gave them as they were able to travel at their own pace and not have to adhere to timetables.

In fact, they loved Switzerland - and driving around the country - so much, they’ve booked another trip for September 2022!
In this episode we discuss:

  • Nansi and Rob's itinerary
  • Why they loved renting a car and driving in Switzerland
  • The things that surprised Nansi about Switzerland
  • The plans for Nansi and Rob's return trip to Switzerland
  • Nansi's tips for first-time travellers to Switzerland

Listen now for practical tips and advice to help you plan your own Swiss vacation.
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