Trip Report: A Special Family Vacation in Switzerland


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Today’s guests, Brenda Powell and Chelsea Powell, have recently returned from Switzerland where they enjoyed a wonderful vacation with four generations of their family.
With 8 adults and 3 children in their traveling party, it was a mighty effort to plan an itinerary that suited every family member from age 3 to 80!
In this episode, Brenda and Chelsea tell us all about their special Swiss vacation and give us their tips for planning a family vacation to Switzerland, or a multi-generation trip.

You'll learn:

  • The reason they chose Switzerland as the destination for their family vacation
  • How they planned an itinerary to suit so many different ages and interests
  • How they travelled around Switzerland
  • The style of accommodation they chose
  • What surprised them about Switzerland
  • The most memorable moments of their trip
  • Tips for other folks planning a trip to Switzerland with children, or a multi-generation trip

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