Swiss Cheese - the Hole-y Grail of Cheeses


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If you’re a cheese lover, you’re going to love this episode! I’m joined by Nadia Nadif, the US brand manager for Cheeses from Switzerland, who is going to tell us all about Swiss cheese and what makes it so special.

  • Amongst the things you'll learn are:
  • The history of Swiss cheese and why it still plays an important role in the Swiss diet
  • The amount of Swiss cheese produced each year
  • The average amount of Swiss cheese each person in Switzerland consumes each year - it's a lot!
  • The different varieties of Swiss cheese
  • What does AOP mean?
  • Why are some cheese hard and others soft?
  • What factors give each cheese its own characteristics and taste?
  • Why does some Swiss cheese have holes?
  • Where can visitors to Switzerland see cheese being made?
  • What is the difference between the two most famous Swiss cheese dishes, fondue and raclette?

And there's a recipe so you can make your own Fondue at home.
For more information about the different Swiss cheeses and Show Dairies mentioned, and the full show notes, visit
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