Sustainable travel in Switzerland by train, bus and boat


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In this episode we're joined by a regular guest of the show, Andy Nef, from Swiss Travel System. Andy tells us all about the Swiss Travel System and why travelling by train, bus and boat in Switzerland is the perfect way to travel, and he updates us about changes - and price reductions - for the Swiss Travel Pass in 2022.
Andy also tells us about Switzerland’s dedication to offering a sustainable public transport network. It’s something the Swiss take very seriously and there are some really interesting renewable power sources that are being used.
Topics covered in this episode:

  • Andy’s long career working with different Swiss rail companies
  • An overview of the Swiss Travel System which includes nearly 30,000 kilometres of rail, road and waterways
  • The Swiss Travel Pass – what it includes, plus changes and updates for 2022
  • Travelling between Switzerland and neighbouring countries by train
  • Night train services to and from Switzerland
  • What Switzerland is doing to ensure travelling by public transport is sustainable

For more information about the Swiss Travel Pass and the public transport options mentioned, as well as the full show notes for this episode, visit
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This podcast is sponsored by Switzerland Tourism.

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