Glorious food, hospitality and views at Hotel Gloria Beatenberg


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When Australian Jacky and Swiss Bernhard first met in Australia many years ago, they had no idea that they would eventually marry and move to Switzerland to operate a hotel and restaurant. But fate stepped in and they find themselves owning and operating Hotel Gloria in Beatenberg, a small village just 10 kilometres from Interlaken.

With the hotel perched on a sunny terrace overlooking Lake Thun and with panoramic views of the Bernese Alps, it's no wonder the couple love welcoming guests to their hotel and restaurant.

Bernhard is a chef who has worked in 5 star establishments around the world, and together with Jacky, who has a real passion for making her guests feel like family, they have created a hotel that guests return to again and again. "Our guests are never just a name and room number," is their mantra.

After listening to Jacky and Bernhard's story in this episode, you'll get a real sense of their commitment to offering their guests a homely, welcoming base in the gorgeous village of Beatenberg.
And you'll be booking your stay at Hotel Gloria!
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