Dexter Caffey (Smart Eye Technology ) Talks To Pramod Dhakal(Hitechies)


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Pramod Dhakal In a very open conversation with Dexter Caffey, Founder and CEO of Smart Eye Technology where Dexter presents some interesting insights about being an entrepreneur as well as leading a company through the most difficult time.
Smart Eye Technology launched the world’s only screen privacy and document security technology platform for businesses and consumers, available now via the Apple App Store and Google Play.

The only person signing their digital document electronically is actually the intended signatory, thanks to a facial recognition and ID verification process

  • Their documents and screens are protected with up to 5 levels of biometric authentication required to send, receive and access personal and professional documents and data
  • Only the person they want to share a digital document with can access it, with the ability to set limitations on how long it is viewable and whether it can be shared and with whom
  • COVID19 Challenges and adaptation.
  • Innovation

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