Claire Humphreys COO at Wethos Talks to Pramod Dhakal On her journey as Entrepreneur


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The Covid-19 pandemic has jolted organizations into re-calibrating their business models around technologies to operate in an unforeseen social distancing economy. Digital
transformation holds the key to override this crisis by earning customer trust with mechanisms that ensure transparency, efficiency, and quality.

In the same context Pramod Dhakal at Hitechies had a chance to talk to Claire Humphreys

And learn more about her startup Wethos.
About Claire:
Claire has been a co-founder and COO at Wethos for over 4 years. She is based in New York and has raised $4.6M in venture capital to date. While starting in the advertising industry working with brands like Toyota and Hershey, she left to not only start her own agency, but empower thousands of others through building technology to enable entrepreneurs to become studio owners more easily. She's been featured in Forbes, TechCrunch & Business Insider for her work at Wethos, and the NYTimes for speaking out against sexual harassment in the venture capital space.
In this conversation:
1) Challenges as female tech Entrepreneur
2) Challenges during the COVID19 crisis
3) Diversity at workspace
4) How wethos can help Independent creatives to earn more
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