Episode 8 - Daniel Makabe


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Episode 7 was a wild one. In a completely different way, episode 8 is just as wild. My guest this week is The Wrestling Genius, Daniel Makabe. He doesn't have the manic energy of Wes Barkley, but he does have an eclectic taste, and quite a musical journey. Whether it's starting out listening to Aerosmith, starting a Neutral Milk Hotel cover band, or making his own original music in multiple projects, Daniel certainly covers a lot of ground, musically.

In this conversation, we talk about a variety of topics, including the CanCon law in Canada, getting bands to play covers they weren't planning to play, and ill fated co-headlining tours...when you were really only there to see the opening act.

You can find Daniel all over the internet. Check him and his music out in the following places:


Bandcamp - Griefwalker

Bandcamp - Taxa

IWTV - The Life Of Daniel Makabe

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