12. The Falcon and The Winter Soldier Preview


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Blessing you with another episode this week (already!), this time breaking down everything we know coming into the premiere of Falcon and The Winter Soldier. Jake and Jenny break down comic arcs of Sam, Bucky, Sharon Carter, and some other faces we will see in the show. We'll speculate wildly (drink!) about other heroes and villains who may show up, and about whether we can expect to have our hearts ripped from our chests so savagely as in WandaVision.

Later this week, expect another episode of MCU & Brews, where Jake and his brother Zac have drinks over MCU films (featuring Zac's comedic commentary). Jenny is also launching a new football show, starting with this week's Free Agent Frenzy! Stay tuned for this and more from the History of the MCU EU!

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