Startup Struggles in a Male Dominated Industry


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startup-struggles-in-a-male-dominated-industryToday we're talking about being female entrepreneurs.Kiran Roest is the co-founder of Vital Signs Solutions. Following a first-class BA in Natural Sciences from Cambridge University and a Ph.D. from Imperial College London, Kiran has added 15+ years of experience at world-leading Life Science and Medtech organizations, across clinical and scientific research, business development, and consulting.
As a female entrepreneur in a male-dominated industry, she joins Dr. Pam to talk about the struggles women face in setting up their own business, what we can do to overcome those challenges, being a working mom (to 3!) in the start-up space, and creating at-home testing products to track women's health trends.
Kiran's company is focused on preventing lifestyle diseases. Their first product allows people to track their lipid levels in order to manage their risk of cardiovascular disease, aiming to empower people to make positive lifestyle changes by providing them with the data to measure progress. Women under the age of 50 are actually twice as likely as men to die from a heart attack so cardiovascular disease is very much a women’s health problem.

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