Abundance Joy Filter be Gone! Slayer's Private Mentor Session with Renee


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Wow, are these two are FUN together--and Slayer's Spirit Guides? Also fun! Lots of laughs and l learning as Slayer gives us a front row seat to her private coaching session with Spiritual Advisor and Law of Attraction mentor Renee Spears in this episode. Not having intended to share this with the world, it's a raw and real mostly unedited session (much like how Slayer lives her life). Next week to share all of her learning moments from this session.
TOPICS: Future Self, Abundance, Believing, Becoming, Being, the cycle, Alignment and Flow.
Abundance Flow Exercise

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April 23, 2021 Heartsing Podcast where Slayer talks about her first meeting with Renee and the "book":
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