Ep 134: Donna Schwenk, Cultured Foods, Mind Blowing Medicine At Home


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Episode 134 - Health Heroes! I am very excited to introduce you to Donna Schwenk. Donna’s health was a mess after the birth of her third child, Holli. On her own search to heal herself she stumbled upon cultured foods and amazingly to her she started feeling better. This led her to go on a 21 year deep dive into the live bacteria in our bodies and how we can make “at home” super concentrations of these bacteria in tasty foods. In this episode we are going to cover three of the main foods that can be cultured; veggies, kefir and yogurt. Hold on to your hat if you got one if not buckle up because what we are about to share with you I believe is going to transform your health big time. Donna and I agreed to swap strategies then do another show in about 90 days to see how much improvement we both have made. She’s going to start on Chemical Free Body Detox & Nutrition Products and I am going ‘All-In” culturing my foods. So excited! I want to thank you for listening and sharing this podcast with others so they too can gain this valuable information so they can take charge of their health and happiness! Love & Light -Coach Tim.

To connect with Donna, listen to her podcast and get started making cultured foods in your home go to: https://www.culturedfoodlife.com/

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