Ep 133: Joseph Antoun M.D., Fasting Food Delivered To Your Door


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Episode 133 - Health Heroes! I am very excited to introduce you to Dr. Joseph Antoun M.D. who was a cardiologist who realized prescribing 4-5 medications never helped his patients get healthy. Over the last 20 years, he has been on a quest to get healthy food into people's homes and it gets even better! Working with Dr. Longo who created the fasting-mimicking diet Joseph was able to create a company that delivers food directly to your door that mimics the power of water fasting to regenerate cells… amazing! I tried the food myself; overall, it tasted very good and most importantly I felt good. Now I always add sprouts to my food because that's just what I do but overall I believe this is a great way for people to mimic a fast for the results to heal on a cellular level and lose weight. I also think this is great for people who don’t know how to cook or just don’t want to. They can literally drop ship healthy food right to your door. I still believe in juice fasting and water fasting but for those that are new to the fasting world, I think this is a great first step. If you have been looking for a service to make healthy food for you try them out and see how you feel after a month or two. Love & Light -Coach Tim. Use the Discount Code: HEALTH HERO at: https://l-nutra.com/ to get your fasting food on the way!

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