Ep 131: My Ayahuasca Journey [PART 1]


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Episode 131 - Hello Health Heroes! Many of you have reached out and asked me about the indigenous plant medicine from South America called Ayahuasca for health and spiritual benefits. I have wanted to do an episode on this for a while, so I got really excited to share what I have learned with you. This is a two-part series because the first part is about what Ayahuasca is and how it works. The second part is me explaining what I experienced after taking Ayahuasca. Then I realized I already did these episodes back in 2019 when I was interviewed on The Conspiracy Farm Podcast which had over 3 million downloads for all their episodes! I was interviewed on their 100th episode and we go deep into everything you need to know about Ayahuasca. If you have been thinking about taking Ayahuasca or are curious about how it works, you will love what you hear. I totally recommend it because it was life-changing for me! Enjoy! Love & Light -Coach Tim.

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