Ep 129: R. Blank, Everything You Need To Know About EMF's 5G and Beyond


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Episode 129 - Blank was trained in EMF’s by his father Dr. Martin Blank who was an EMF health expert. HIs father actually was taught in school that EMF’s would cause no harm to humans and when he became a professor he was actually teaching that to his students at the university. Then his father met Dr. Reba Goodman who shed light on the deception and his father went on a deep dive to find the truth. What he found led him to becoming one of the foremost experts on EMF and Health. As a young child R. Blank was taught about the dangers of EMF’s from his father and when he grew into adulthood he and his father wrote the book “Overpowered”. R. Blank’s father has passed away but his mission continues on in his son. This is a very critical episode for people to listen to so they can have the awareness and solutions to protect themselves and their families from these invisible health destroying frequencies.Thanks again for listening and if you like the show please like, share and subscribe! Love & Light -Coach Tim.

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