Ep 125: Sandor Katz, Fermented Foods For Gut Health And Beyond


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Episode 125 - Sandor Katz has been fermenting all types of foods for decades. He has traveled the world seeking out fermentation techniques, doing lectures and live fermentation classes. Basically he is a master at fermentation and since fermented foods are packed with beneficial bacteria that are good for our gut and building immunity I was excited to have him on so we could all learn together. We go on a deep dive into the history of fermentation, techniques and the additional benefits that come with fermentation beyond just the health benefits. I hope this episode inspires you to have some fun making your own fermented foods to not only improve your health but to build confidence that you don’t need to rely on a grocery store.
Thanks again for listening and if you like the show please like, share and subscribe! Love & Light -Coach Tim. To contact Sandor and grab one of his books go to: https://www.wildfermentation.com/

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