Ep 124: Karen Martel, What's Happening To My Hormones?


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Episode 124 - Fifty years ago very few people had hormone imbalances, now over half of us are dealing with symptoms that drastically reduce our quality of life. When our hormones are not working properly this can lead to poor sleep, auto immune issues, weight gain and lowered sex drive to name a few. So having your hormones balanced is a big deal when it comes to waking up and feeling good. In this episode I interviewed Karen Martel, who is a health coach that after childbirth started gaining weight and having a hard time sleeping. Over the years she figured out that it was her hormones that were the main culprit. Karen has a lot of experience with hormone imbalances herself and she has coached many people through the process of getting their hormones back to normal. This is a very important topic and we give you some gold nuggets to start you on the path to better hormone communication in your wonderful body!

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