Ep 70 - Haunted College Tour Part 6 - Western Kentucky University and Morehead State University


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Welcome back to the 2nd annual Haunted College Tour-palooza by Haunted Hospitality! We'd like to remind everyone of our sole purpose in doing the College Tour - to scare incoming freshmen. So if you know anyone attending these colleges in the fall, be sure to send the episode their way!

In this episode, Zoey covers what she has dubbed the most haunted college in Kentucky, Western Kentucky University! To sum up all the haunts at this college: be very careful around the elevators. They're more likely to kill you than you think.

And Robin covers the Morehead State University. This one gives us a very theatrical ride from Nunn Hall all the way to a Virgin Mary statue that cries blood.

But first, to kick us off on our tour, Robin and Zoey take the "What southern school fits you best" and realize how similar they really are.

Sources: https://hauntedhospitality.wordpress.com/2022/08/02/ep-70-haunted-college-tour-part-6-western-kentucky-university-and-morehead-state-university/

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