Ep 57 - A Photo is Worth a Thousand Ghosts


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If you Google "southern haunted places" or "most haunted places in the south," you'll probably come across the Myrtles Plantation. We know this from experience. Myrtles Plantation, their spooky photos, and the tale of their most famous ghost, Chloe, come up again and again. So we looked into this a bit more to see what was up.

Prepare for a menagerie of spirits, from the Ghost (?) of Chloe (?) to the Evil Girl Glaring Out the Window to the Haunted Mirror That Could Really Use a Cleaning and more! We take time to dive into Chloe's story, investigating the parts that reflect real history versus the parts that look at history, shrug their shoulders, and carry on. Oh! And how could we forget? There's a lady in white (because of course there is) who wistfully gazes out an upstairs window (because of course she does).

But first, Zoey explores an architectural phenomenon called a coffin window (or a witch's window) in her Something Spooky. AND she has an exciting announcement!

Sources: https://hauntedhospitality.wordpress.com/2022/04/26/a-photo-is-worth-a-thousand-ghosts/

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