Episode 437-Canning & Fermentation To Store Food, Making Pickles


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In today’s show, I discuss some basic methods of canning such as water bath & pressure canning and some ideas of what foods lend themselves to each method.

I also discuss using fermentation in all its forms to preserve foods for later consumption as well as increased nutritional values and fewer anti-nutrients.

Also included below is a basic sour pickle recipe, see recipe on Harvest Eating website.

I have been practicing many types of preservation since 2004, these include:

  • water bath canning

  • pressure canning

  • dehydrating

  • freeze-drying

  • fermentation

  • cheesemaking & yogurt making

  • cultured dairy (creme fraiche, clabber, butter, marscapone, etc.)

Through these trials I’ve made many great things, and some not-so-great things. But in the end, my ability to preserve foods for later consumption or simply to improve their taste, texture, or nutritional content has grown substantially.

I find these home-ec projects to be very fun & rewarding. My hope is this episode gets you interested in diving deeper into this subject.

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