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For college students, professionals young and old, and career changers across the nation and the world, graduation season is filled with hopes, dreams, and a search for direction. Access to mentors, professional networks, and job opportunities is often an essential step in these new vocational journeys.

To commemorate this season of life, Hardly Working will spotlight First Workings, an organization showcasing an innovative approach to mentorship and vocation with underserved youth in New York City. We’ll begin the series speaking with Kevin Davis, the Founder and Chairman of First Workings, about his own professional journey and the ideas behind the organization, followed by discussions with mentors and alumni of the program. Tying this all together is the theme of relationships, which are the key drivers in vocational discernment and career development.

We hope that wherever you are in your vocational journey, you will find these episodes helpful as you discern your next move, contemplate the meaning of where you are, or help others find their direction during this graduation season.

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