More Ye Antisemitism, GMA's Cheating Scandal, Jennifer Lopez and Whitney Houston


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The @HolliewoodAndFriends podcast is back tonight at 6PM ET! Also, check out their question of the week and answer below. Name two things from back in the day you wish you could have today? Hosts @IamHollieWood and Judy Blu also have you covered with what's Hot In The Blogs! In their own funny, crazy, and sometimes out-of-line way! Listen in! SUNDAY 12/4 TOPICS: 1) Good Morning America Co-Anchors Caught in Cheating Scandal 2) Cowboy's Owner Jerry Jones Resurfaced Photo Backlash 3) J.Lo Dragged on Social Media Over Fake Whitney Houston Tribute Tweet 4) D. Wade's Legal Battle with Ex-Wife Over Zaya Wade's Proposed Name Change 5) The Artist Formerly Known as Kanye West 6) Justice For Shanquella Robinson: Arrest Made of Alleged Attacker Plus, "What Blows Mine"

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