E404 - Chris Baden - How to build multi million dollar companies while maintaining a work life balance!


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Chris is the CEO / Co-Founder of FlowChat. A saas company that has a unique way of acquiring new customers. Their organic tool & strategies have led to boost their company and others’ to over $100k/mo in revenue. While Chris isn’t building businesses, he’s building a life-long marriage, world-impacting family, and competed on American Ninja Warrior.

Our Guest

Chris Baden

Hacks to Take Away

  • If you just listen, you can do really well.
  • Chris shared how he built three different companies all did a million dollars more per year in sales.
  • He helps businesses go to seven and eight figures.
  • Practicing empathy before you listen.
  • Do your best of your intellectual and emotional capacity.
  • Solving the problem becomes a really important muscle to flex and creatively solve problems.
  • We talked about the big difference between a poor mindset and a wealthy mindset.
  • Your ability to decide what program you operate under. And that will change the trajectory of your life.

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