E403 - Nancy Barrows - How to find your voice to express yourself effortlessly and build authentic relationships with little-known secrets


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Nancy Barrows is the Queen of Engagement!

You've heard it before and you'll hear her speak about how to use personal content in social media networks, but what makes Nancy so convincing? She's a speech-language pathologist who has spent years working with children on improving their communication skills. This includes developing innovative methods for teaching those individuals how they can express themselves more clearly--a skill which she then applies towards building communities online through platforms such as LinkedIn.

Nancy Barrows M.S. SLP-CCC a Keynote Speaker and the Creator and Founder of “The Chick With The Toolbelt” Program, a guided discovery into finding your voice and how to express it in a way that feels authentic in order to build your network, promote engagement and generate new business.

Additionally, Nancy created the #RadiatingReal movement, which empowers people to take off their ‘masks’ and experience the power of ‘showing up’! She has thrived through her adversity and employs her experience to help others.

You can catch her LIVE, on her LinkedIn channel, every Sunday, at 5 pm PST as host, creator, and producer of #ConnectedHumanConversations

Our Guest

Nancy Barrows

Hacks to Take Away

  • Nancy empowers people to take off their masks, and experience the power of showing up.
  • Sharing the ugly snotty unsexy pieces and parts is so important.
  • It's all about showing up as you are. Being real and authentic and letting people give you that unex unadulterated unconditional love and acceptance.
  • We have to make and keep a promise as adults that we are going to teach kids about their bodies and boundaries.
  • Figure out how you want to put your voice out there, and what's comfortable for you.
  • People who need you will find you and the people who love you will follow you.
  • Rebrand, redefine, keep moving and shaking. If Facebook after 17 years can change its name. Why can't you?

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