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The Montreal Canadiens made a few big splashes at the 2022 NHL Draft on July 7th and 8th, held in Montreal. The Habsworld podcast team reassembled to discuss the draft and other hockey transactions. Host Norm Szcyrek was joined by cohosts Paul Macleod, Jonathan Rebelo and Sean Cayouette, on the evening of July 14th, 2022, to record this podcast and have a few laughs.
Here is a breakdown of the topics we discussed:
First Period [00:00 - 22:37]
Introductions, Habs Trivia
Sharing in person experiences of attending the 2022 NHL Draft in Montreal
Discussions about the Habs first round picks, Juraj Slajkovsky and Filip Mesar
Second Period [22:38 - 33:18]
Habs trade away defenceman Alexander Romanov, then trade for center Kirby Dach
Discussing prospects from the team's Development Camp, defenceman Lane Hutson and center Owen Beck
Montreal trades Shea Weber to Las Vegas for Alexander Dadonov
Third Period [33:19 - 1:03:27]
No qualifying offer for RFA Rem Petlick
Early predictions on the Habs 2022-03 season
Around the NHL: One surprising UFA signing (Johhny Gaudreau to Columbus); former Habs Arturri Lehkonnen, Brett Kulak resigning with their teams, and Ben Chariot signing with Detroit. Another surprise signing, Matt Murray with Toronto. Carolina trading ex-Hab Max Pacioretty and Brett Burns.
Should Montreal sign Scotty Bownman as a senior advisor or consultant?
More people hired by Montreal for their Hockey Analytics group
Ex-Hab Nicolas Deslauriers signed by Philadelphia , and former Habs Victor Mete and Jordie Benn signed by Toronto.
Final thoughts about the Habs 2022 draft

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