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The Habs off-season is underway and there is a lot of excitement about the team and the upcoming draft on July 7th & 8th. Host Norm Szcyrek was joined by cohosts Paul MacLeod, Jonathan Rebelo and special guest Sean Cayouette . Episode 90 is very draft focused, particularly with the Canadiens winning the draft lottery and selecting first overall. This podcast was recorded the evening of June 6, 2022.
Here is a breakdown of the topics we discussed:
First Period [ 00:00 - 17:01 ]
Introductions, Habs trivia
Initial thoughts about the upcoming NHL draft
Discussing top prospects Shane Wright, Juraj Slavkovsky, Simon Nemec and their potential of being taken by Montreal
Rumour of a trade with New Jersey for their first round pick
Second Period [ 17:02 - 45:08 ]
If Montreal drafts Shea Wright, will he start next season with the Habs ?
Discussing draft options for the Habs second first round pick (#26): Issac Howard, Nathan Gaucher, Maverick Lamoureaux
Talk of David Jiricek as a potential top pick
Sharing thoughts about other draft analysts ranking the top picks
Third Period [ 45:09 - 57:51 ]
Will Martin St. Louis survive his three year contract in Montreal ?
Around the NHL: Boston Bruins fire Bruce Cassidy, despite a successful record; where other unemployed NHL coaches may get hired; NHL legends Guy Lafleur and Mike Bossy passing away; some reflections on the Flower

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