Season Six Preview


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Are you ready for season six of the Growth Edge Leadership Podcast? Well buckle up, because we’re back!

Hellllllloooooooo friends! I have missed you and sitting in the recording studio so very much!! The podcast has been on an extended hiatus since the end of December of 2020, simply because I needed to step away. More about that in a future episode, but today I can’t wait to tell you about what is in store for you in these coming weeks and months.

I have a fantastic line up of guests and topics in the hopper for season six.

Fresh starts

Diversity on the executive path

Elite performance

Resilience bank account

Physician innovation and entrepreneurship

Critical thinking - does anyone even do this anymore?

Networking strategies for introverts

Leveraging pivots and transitions

Focused leadership

Stress, well-being, and resilience in a crisis

And so much more.

I can’t wait to meet you right back here, every Monday morning. In the meantime, spread the good word on social about season six, subscribe, or leave a rating or review to show your love.

See you soon.

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