E11 — EA, EA, Oh!


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We’re sandwiched between a pair of perfectly adequate UFC Fight Night cards, so gaming gets to lead off this week’s episode. What starts as a conversation about some big game releases pushed back to 2023 morphs into dissecting the new PlayStation Plus approach as a challenge to Xbox GamePass (1:26). Plus, Brian and Scott look ahead to what the recent split between FIFA and EA Sports could do to the sports game landscape down the road (25:39). Oh, and both hosts have some differing (spoiler-free!) thoughts on “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness” (55:17).

Switching back over to the combat side, the G&P guys share their takeaways from Jan Blachowicz’s win the past weekend (1:06:20) and ahead to Holly Holm’s headliner against Ketlen Vieira (1:16:46) to determine how enticing this upcoming fight Saturday’s offering truly is.

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