E10 — Charlie Olives’ Garden


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Fight fans are obsessed with goats — er, GOATs. Brian and Scott? Less so. But your G&P hosts decided to look at the continuation of Charles Oliveira’s incredible run (2:02), extended by Saturday’s victory, and compare that particular element to the best in lightweight history. Plenty more MMA chatter in store for this episode, include other thoughts from UFC 274 (18:56), some Bellator and PFL observations (49:53) and a little lookahead to UFC Vegas 54 (57:17) this coming weekend

Scott might have been more excited by the reveal of Brian’s “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge” impressions (1:03:00) for Game Informer, and Brian gives an overview here for you, dear listener. And with a few episodes to go on the first season of “Halo” (1:11:59) on Paramount+, Scott and Brian give a spoiler-free weigh in of how the game-to-show is shaping up.

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