37. Eating for a Healthy Planet with Mary Purdy


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"We cannot consider organic without considering: what's the life of the farmworker who's working at that organic farm?"

Eco-Dietitian and author, Mary Purdy (she/her), is our guest on Green Stuff this week! Even though our need for food and nutrients is very basic, deciding what kinds of food make it on our plates can be complex. Stephanie and Mary discuss the importance of thinking beyond what food is healthy for our bodies to including what food is healthy for our planet and our communities. With her expertise, Mary provides some insight on how we can incorporate social justice, planetary health, environmental justice, and nutrition into our grocery shopping routine. If this seems like a lot, don't worry, it's not all on you to change! This episode also discusses critical food policy and the need for structural change to build more sustainable food systems.
Learn more about Mary's work on her website marypurdy.co and follow her podcast The Nutrition Show. You can find Mary's books Serving the Broccoli Gods and The Microbiome Diet Reset on her website: marypurdy.co/books/

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