35. Cultivating a Zero Waste Mindset with Moji Igun


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"It's all about reevaluating what we actually value and operating our business in alignment with that value."

We welcome the delightful Moji Igun to the podcast this week! Moji (she/her) is a sustainable business consultant focusing on zero waste in the workplace. Stephanie and Moji talk about incorporating zero waste in personal and professional life, the need for sustainable business, and why money shouldn’t be a taboo topic when it comes to eco-friendly businesses.

You can find Moji’s company, Blue Daisi Consulting at bluedaisi.com, and be sure to follow her on Instagram @hippiemoji.

Moji offers a FREE Zero Waste Mindset class: bluedaisi.com/zw-mindset-free-class/
Businesses in South Seattle can apply for the FREE Zero Waste Small Business Program, which includes a virtual workshop, waste audit, and a strategy session with Moji. Find details and the application here: bluedaisi.com/zero-waste-small-business-program/
Learn more about Blue Daisi consulting and coaching services: bluedaisi.com/services/
Explore Moji’s new Daydreaming Journal and writing prompts: bluedaisi.com/daydream/

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