15. Building Community with Seattle Zero Waste


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Stacy Strickland and Stephanie Wall are co-founders of the group Seattle Zero Waste. This awesome community organization hosts events, gatherings, and learning opportunities focused on zero waste living and sustainability in the Puget Sounds area. Stacy and Steph are our guests for the week and with host Stephanie Lentz, they discuss how Seattle Zero Waste came to be, the importance of community, and how to find or create your own zero waste community group in your area.
Register on Eventbrite for this month's Seattle Zero Waste free virtual meetup, taking place Wednesday June 16th at 7pm PDT
Check out the Seattle Zero Waste website and follow SZW on social media:
@seattlezerowaste on Instagram
Seattle Zero Waste on Facebook
Things mentioned in this episode:
Zero Waste Washington
Bea Johnson, Zero Waste Home
Ballard Reuse
If you're in the Seattle area, you can visit us in person at Scoop Marketplace in Kirkland.
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