Ep 290 - Advice Series Part 10: Working in PT School


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Welcome back to GRADitude's Advice Series! If you are new here, the advice series is where we feature some of the great advice that has already been shared on the podcast from several of our guests in 1 episode! Part 10 of this series focuses on 3 people who have found a way to successfully work and/or start a business during (and even before) PT school. These guests drop some amazing tips that we promise you do not want to miss out on! So, grab a pen and paper, kick back in your favorite chair, and tune in to this episode! And then check out each guest's full episode for even more incredible advice!

The guests are listed in order of appearance below:

  • Ep 102 - Paul Ochieng
  • Ep 183 - Jin Kang
  • Ep 77 - Matt Casturo

Check out our website for even more nuggets of wisdom! (You may even find some resources that will help you take control of your own financial journey and maybe even help you make some money while in PT school!)


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