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He's a boy wonder and taking on New York City by a storm!
“Washington Square Park has its own talk show host.” - New York Post

Interviewing New York’s finest and set in the heart of the city (according to New Yorkers). This weeks episode stars content creator and Tik Tok sensation, Davis Burleson, who is the host a viral show called, “What’s Poppin”. His office, is in Washington Square Park where you’ll most often catch him as a man on the streets asking the park goer’s some of the simplest questions, yet getting some of the most colorful responses and people. Only in New York, right!?

I’m obsessed with watching his short content interviews on Tik Tok and Instagram, which have me laughing all day. Bringing comedic relief and lively energy to the city during the pandemic, Davis’s show has amassed nearly 100 million likes on Tik Tok.

Tune into our interview to hear his incredible New York story and journey that is unlike any I’ve heard before, as well as more about What’s Poppin (plus my compiled NYC soundbites from his show), and how his ups and downs with the city were very short lived. Also, how he went on to accomplish…what some might call “The New York dream”, in such a short turnaround.

Beginning his career in New York City and it welcoming him with open arms - what are Burleson’s plans for the future? Tune in for this answer and much much more.
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