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In honor of his birthday and it also falling on the same day as #NationalNewYorkDay (Sept. 21st) - I did everything in my power to drop Brooklynite, DJ J-Ronin’s episode today!

Tastemaker in hip hop, business man, and best damn networker in New York City are words I would use to describe Jonathon Marvin a.k.a DJ J-Ronin (@jronin82).

Hip hop and martial arts were in his bones long before Wu-Tang made it popular, respectfully. But, when Wu-Tang changed the Hip Hop community in the East Coast and around the world with their one of a kind beats, lyrics, and uniquely skilled members - DJ Ronin became a part of it. He was signed as a DJ for them and also Wu-Tang radio - (C.R.E.A.M)!

In case you don’t know who Wu-Tang is, I highly recommend the Hulu original series @wutangonhulu. During this interview, there will be a lot of O.G. name drops from the underground and mainstream hip hop community.

Hear DJ J-Ronin’s unique NYC story, from a Caribbean filled community in Flatbush, to his passion behind hip hop and martial arts and why he thinks “everyone should be punched in the face at least once”, as a reality check. He also gives advice on being aware of your surroundings in NYC, as well as being humbled and part of the community while respecting its roots and culture as key advice for newcomers.


“Your network is your net worth.”

So get out there and know…

“People can feel your spirit, they can feel who you are and what you’re about.”

This, along with many other reasons are why doors have opened for Jonathan Marvin and why I’m glad to have met him on one unexpected subway ride, when first moving to New York City.

Who said…”New Yorkers are not friendly”!

Tune in to hear all this and some of his music as well as his picks on songs that define hip hop in New York and so much more.
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