52 Gifts of the Wyrd: The Jotunn War Graphic Novel with Ian Stuart Sharpe


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In this episode we get to visit the Vikingverse with creator and author Ian Stuart Sharpe. The Jötunn War is a series set in an alternate universe where events go into a different direction and the Norse/Germanic religion's are dominant in the world today.

“In the Vikingverse, the Norse rule the stars with restless fleets and an iron will. But when the thralls rebel, turning to the artifice of Norns to help them escape their bondage, the Natural order is thrown into chaos.

The Jötunn War has been fought across the Nine Homeworlds to contain the threat, a battle against the stuff of ancient nightmares, red in tooth and claw. Jötunheim is the rebellion’s last redoubt, an indignity the Empire plans to cleanse with flame and fury.

The Jötunn War. Go Big or Go Home in a body bag.”

Ian and I talk about reading the Norse tales, the 'verse, the story, the art, and more. The book is published through Outland Entertainment.

Update: Kickstarter funded. See Outland Entertainment website to order copies.

Artwork: Issues 1-3 Devmalya Pramanik; Issue 4 Ger Curti.

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