Listening out for the stories that need to be told - a film maker's view | Sally Angel


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Learning from the interface between documentary making and psychotherapy Sally Angel (Angelica Films | Creative Director) In this episode Sam Rockey is in conversation with Sally Angel, Creative Director of Angelica Films, psychotherapist, Emmy and BAFTA Award winning Documentary Film maker. Sally shares why psychotherapy and documentary film making have much in common - namely how both are about seeking out the stories that need to be told. Sally shares her experience of working on her award winning documentaries including the Holocaust documentary 'Night Will Fall', the friendship documentary 'Nothing like a Dame' and the behind the scenes 'Inside the American Embassy'. She discusses her process - a combination of curiousity, listening to people's stories and tuning in what is going on in the world. She shares her experience about seeking out powerful stories and how stories find you - finding the stories that 'grab you by the back of the neck.' Sally describes the yearning we have for stories - the epic and the intimate at the same time and describes herself as an emotional activist. Films evolve, they have their own way of going into the world - they will be received as they will be received. The lesson for leaders? Listening to people in a deep way, seeking out the stories that are waiting to be told, not being attached to the outcome, honouring the individual and their generosity in sharing their own story. Sally leaves with leaders with some helpful tools including a 'Matrix of Trust'. 'In summary, story is probably the best way to get people's attention.' More information on Sally Angel and the work she does

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