A Call to Radical Pragmatism | Enaam Ahmed-Ali


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This conversation between Tracey Camilleri and Enaam Ahmed Ali looks at the world through a gendered lens. Who better to do that than Enaam, 2022’s UN Women’s Representative for Climate Change and Technology? Enaam has spent 2021 talking to women around the world about the way in which climate change is impacting their lives, especially in poorer, developing countries. She talks powerfully about freedom for women – whether it’s the freedom to wear the headscarf, to stay at home and bring up children or to take on a leadership role outside the family - in her view it’s the act of choosing that is the crux of feminism, not what is chosen. In the conversation they range over questions like – what prevents more women now from thriving in tech businesses? What sort of leadership does the world need now? And why have all the corporate dollars sunk into D & I only got us so far? As a pragmatist and an entrepreneur – Enaam looks for action not words. In this podcast, she celebrates the small steps being taken by women around the world to build better foundations for the future. Enaam Ahmed Ali is a development economist, intrapreneur, innovation manager, activist, and UN Women Representative 2022 for The Netherlands. Everything she does revolves around making people, organizations, and the planet better. Visit Enaam's website · The Dutch UN Women Website · The Dutch Council of Women · Connect with Enaam · Thompson Harrison, one of London's leading bespoke leadership development consulting firms.

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