Episode 115: The Element of Air in Tarot


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We continueour series on the 4 elements and their relationship to the tarot with Air, the ubiquitous and mobile element associated with the restless human mind.

We explore the qualities of Air, both physical and metaphysical; its zodiacal and planetary expression in the tarot, its connection to the world of Yetzirah on the Kabbalistic Tree of Life; its magical and natural correspondences; its relationship to the suit of Swords and to the rank of Knights (RWS) or Princes (Thoth).

Cards considered in this episode:

- The Fool (elemental major of air) - Justice/Adjustment, the Star, and the Lovers (zodiacal majors of Libra, Aquarius, and Gemini). - The suit of Swords - The Knights/Princes

Music: "Free as Air [Lata's International Dub Remix Version]" by Lata

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