Take Five #36 - Convergence of Networking and Security: Beyond Digital Transformation


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This episode was recorded live on: 09/23/2022 Welcome to the Take Five Podcast from Fortinet where we provide five cybersecurity tips and best practices for today’s technology leaders. This podcast series taps into the experience of our Fortinet field CISO team and the work being done with and through our ecosystem of partners, customers, and industry experts. Tune in to hear Fortinet Field CISOs, Alain Sanchez and Joe Robertson tap into the impact of convergence across key industries and technologies, focusing on the convergence of networking and cloud/edge computing, the gaps CISOs are noticing with information security, and more. For more information about Fortinet Convergence visit our website, https://events.fortinet.com/Convergence2022Monaco Read our blog to learn more about adapting to the pressures of digital acceleration: https://www.fortinet.com/blog/business-and-technology/converged-platforms-start-with-a-network-firewall?utm_source=blog&utm_medium=soundcloud&utm_campaign=digital-acceleration

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