Foreign-Born Mama | Childhood Trauma Healing, Motherhood and Reclaiming True Self


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Are you an immigrant mom who uprooted herself from her home country in hopes of a better future in a new country? Are you trying to be a parent your parents couldn’t be, but feel overwhelmed and lonely in your motherhood journey? Are you struggling with anger, anxiety, indecision, depression and possibly with various health conditions that are affecting your marriage, relationships and parenting? You are not alone! We are not our struggles and we are not our traumas!A podcast host, who is also a foreign-born mama, shares her own journey of how her childhood trauma has been impacting her adult life in the US in the form of indecision, low self-esteem, overfunctioning, codependency, perfectionism, procrastination, overeating and so much more. Nurzhan talks about her experiences and shares the tools and insights that helped her to grow her mindset, to heal her traumas and transform her mental health.My hope is to increase our self awareness of our childhood and intergenerational traumas, and how trauma could be impacting our lives, and ignite honest conversations with guest speakers and other foreign-born moms about solutions to our struggles and challenges, so that together we can kick start our own self-healing and self-growth journey.My mission is to help us to heal and evolve into more conscious and trauma-informed moms and create a life where we can be our authentic selves, be happy and thrive. If you wish to connect further, please join our conversations in our free Foreign-born mama facebook community. I hope to see you there! Music soundtrack was created by Michael @

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